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Landscape Glasscapes

Central Park South, January

Central Park South, January

niche awards 2009“We find it to be absolutely magnificent. We were very impressed and pleased by this stunning piece of artwork. We wish to compliment the artists, Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner, for their wonderful depiction of this section of the Manhattan skyline. We live in New York and have worked in this particular area and have walked in Central Park and have seen this scene firsthand. Having seen paintings of this subject and, now, to have a 3D version, done with such skill and magnitude in our home is extremely satisfying. We have always loved and collected other fine glass pieces and are very happy to add this work of art to our home.” (Glendale, NY customer)

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"We LOVE Alpine, especially in the gloomy winter months. Sometimes we just sit and look at her...truly." (Portland, ME customer)

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Cathedral Dusk

cathedral dusk
“Using flat sheets of kiln-polished glass in layers separated by space, Huebner and Boucher’s Cathedral Series of sculptures perfectly captures the subtle shading and layering effect of fog-shrouded mountain ranges. The internal lighting further adds mystery and drama to this peaceful landscape.”
(Michael Monroe, a leading authority on American art glass, the former curator-in-charge at the Smithsonian Museum’s Renwick Gallery and Director Emeritus of the Bellevue Arts Museum)

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