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"It was only in assembling it myself that I appreciated your genius with this art form.
I am really impressed. It is gorgeous."
(customer who bought Cathedral Dusk)

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Cathedral Dusk




Early Spring Forage



Glasscapes, our signature pieces, are an intriguing cross between two- and three-dimensional glass art.  Some of them are also interactive, inviting you to re-compose the image by re-arranging the glass pieces, thus subtly changing the interplay of color, shape, pattern, negative space, the illusion of depth and movement, and illumination.  Because the lamp is integrated with the base, they work equally well in daylight or at night, even as the sole illumination in a room.

Only high-quality materials have been used.  Depending on the design, the art glass pieces are hand-cut or sawn, ground, sometimes painted with vitreous pigments, and fused or fire-polished in an electric glass kiln.  The dark color of the hardwood used in the several different sizes of bases aids in the illusion that the glass image is floating in space.

Locating a glasscape will enhance its qualities of light and design.  Around eye-level is best: on top of a mantelpiece, shelf, cabinet or wherever there is a light-colored blank wall immediately behind to reflect the light from the back of the base.  The ideal location is on a piece of free-standing furniture that covers both the cord and the wall outlet.


"After I set it up, I cried....  This is so much more than glass and wood to me.  Thank you for what you do.  You have touched my heart."
            (customer who bought a glasscape of a fog-bound Golden Gate with the San Francisco skyline)