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Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner share many roles but largely ignore them as the founders of Stone Ridge Glass. Design work is the most fun, of course, especially when moving into uncharted territory such as Glasscapes.  The consensus view is that flat-lapping (beveling and polishing glass edges on successively finer gauge diamond discs and cerium oxide felts) is not as much fun; acoustically it is probably illegal.

They work out of a studio at their home in Dayton, Maine.

Lucie prepares a 12' template
Lucie prepares a 12' template

Lucie with chandelier

Assembling a window triptych

Lucie prays to kiln goddess

Looking up a firing schedule

Bernie with glasscape base

Polishing at the flat lapidary wheel

Proud Mother of Dishes

Bernie sandblasting

Using the diamond ring saw

From Maine to California

We buy bandaids wholesale